Where Women Cook Photo Shoot

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Meet Jo Packham: artist, entrepreneur, publisher. She’s the driving force behind Where Women Create and the new sister magazine Where Women Cook, which hits the stands on December 1. Michael and I were completely delighted and honored to have Jo in our home last Friday for a photo shoot for the new book Where Women Cook Celebrations, which I am contributing to along with a number of other cooks. We had a German Oktoberfest celebration with plenty of hearty homemade German fare in honor of our 10th anniversary, and also made a dessert for an upcoming magazine article.

We were very full by the end of the day.

Meet Ryne Hazen: photographer extraordinaire. My job was to make the food, but this is the guy who made it look good. I was in front of the camera for most of the day, wishing we had time to talk photography. That’s 30 years of professional experience standing right there in our dining room.

See that 5D with the sweet lens? Someday…

It was a busy day from start to finish, but Jo and Ryne were total pros and made us feel so relaxed. The day was a lot of fun and we love Jo and Ryne, they are just good people. And the best part about the whole experience is feeling that we made two new friends.

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  1. Wendy @ Celiacs in the House says

    Oh I love Where Women Create. I actually submitted an article and photos of the women’s cooperative studio I was in a few years ago. Jo had it scheduled to be in one of the first year’s issues, but then it didn’t make it in the magazine. Can’t wait to see what she does with kitchens. It should be a great success.


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