Weekend Gardening: Zebra Tomatoes

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Andrea Meyers - Zebra tomatoes

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There’s something about striped tomatoes and the gorgeous splash of color they add to a garden. Michael’s favorite which we have always planted is the heirloom Mr. Stripey, and this year we added varieties of zebra tomatoes. In the basket are red zebra (the orange tomatoes with red stripes), black zebra (the darkish tomatoes with green stripes), green zebra (self explanatory), and Copia, (yellow and red striped tomato named for COPIA: The American Center for Wine, Food, and the Arts).

The red, black, and green zebras are doing quite well, and the flavor and texture are excellent. The Copia plant has only produced one tomato so far, so I’m not entirely sold on it, but we’ll see if it produces more before season’s end.

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  1. says

    Nate, I remember missing all sorts of foods when I moved abroad, and tomatoes were high on my list. Tomatoes and good pizza. :-)

    Kalyn, I think you’d love the red and black zebras!

  2. Delora says

    I grew Green Zebra a few years ago, but it wasn’t very prolific in my garden. However, it must have done better than I thought because I grew it the same year I grew Druzba (a small red) and saved the seeds. I grew out the Druzba saved seed this year, and all my fruits are green interiors with green/gold skin! NOT what I was expecting.

    I had great luck with Marvel Stripes this year. It’s a super-large beefstake (all mine are over 1lb), yellow with orange blush down into a red tip. Very nice.

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