Weekend Gardening: Rhubarb Growing Tip

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Andrea Meyers - Rhubarb

Of the three rhubarbs plants we put in last spring, only one survived the flooding, but it is coming up very nicely and this weekend we’ll plant two or three more.

As soon as the leaves sprouted we inverted a large planter over it, a technique that encourages longer stems, and so far we are very pleased with the results.

Andrea Meyers - large pot covering rhubarb to encourage long stems

And of course we’ll be very happy to cook with those long tasty stems, especially with the fruits of these little plants growing nearby.

Andrea Meyers - the first strawberry blossom

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  1. Logan says

    I love your gardening posts. Gardening/landscaping/hardscaping is a real passion of mine, and I like to live vicariously through your gardening experiences. I also LOVE rhubarb, especially when perfectly paired with strawberries!

  2. says

    Sorry you lost a few plants, I know the feeling all too well. The one that
    survived looks like it has a wonderful start. Great tip, and be generous with manure as well.

  3. says

    Great trick for longer stems! Wonder if that would work for chard, as well…they’re in the same family. Gonna try it, anyway. I love the leaves, but also enjoy the crispy stems in some meals. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Mona Wolters says

    Can rhubarb be grown in Central Florida. If so, please tell me the instructions. I used to live in New Jersey
    and we had a huge patch of rhubarb. I would love to have some in Hernando County, Fl.

    • says

      Hi Michele. We do some companion planting, particularly with tomatoes and basil because they do so well together, though we aren’t fully there yet with everything we grow. Let’s call it a work in progress. :-)

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