Weekend Gardening Photos

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Andrea's Recipes - Ruby Red Swiss Chard sprouts

Part of Labor Day was spent putting in the fall garden. Most of the vegetables and herbs are still growing like crazy, but we had harvested the lemon basil and most of the Genovese basil, so I had a couple of empty spots in the garden. We also started some herbs and greens in pots. (Above) Swiss chard plants sprouting.

Andrea's Recipes - Butter lettuce sprouts

Butter lettuce sprouts

Andrea's Recipes - Dill sprouts (volunteers)

Some volunteer dill sprouts.

Andrea's Recipes - Spinach sprouts

Spinach sprouts

Andrea's Recipes - Thyme sprouts

Thyme sprouts

Andrea's Recipes - Parsley, regrowth

After losing every single leaf to a parsley-loving critter while we were on vacation, the parsley staged a comeback and looks great.

Andrea's Recipes - Basil, regrowth

We cut down the basil a couple weeks ago but didn’t pull the stalks out of the ground, and now we have more basil coming in. It should do well in the cooler weather for the next few months.

Andrea's Recipes - Stevia

I used to have this stevia plant in the house, then it almost succumbed to a white fly invasion, so I cut it back and moved it outdoors, and now it’s flourishing.

Andrea's Recipes - Sage bush

The sage bush looks bushier by the day. I can’t wait to use it in fall roasting recipes.

Andrea's Recipes - Sage bush, closeup

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  1. says

    Your plants are looking great. My chard from the spring is still going strong (I still owe you pics, I know), and the herbs are still happy except for the parsley which died early on. I dug up the potatoes last week so I could plant some fall spinach, but needed to wait for Hanna to pass so the seeds wouldn’t be washed away. Busy busy all the time!

  2. says

    Your garden looks great! I have two big lemon basil plants that I’m trying to make good use of. We have swiss chard that re-seeds itself every year and grows to be huge. Last year, it was as tall as me!

  3. says

    This is the first time I have seen a Stevia plant. I know it is used as sweetener. How do we use it? Will it thrive in a tropical country?

  4. says

    I planted a small herb garden this year on our deck and the sage is doing very well — do we need to pick it and dry it to use it in fall recipes or will it last in the garden until then?


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