Weekend Gardening Photos

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Andrea's Recipes Weekend Gardening Photos - harvested shallots

Our harvest of shallots.

Andrea's Recipes Weekend Gardening Photos - scallions, just six days in the soil

Last Monday we planted the ends of some scallions I had used, just the roots and about 2 cm of the white part. Top Gun helped me put the soil in the container and the roots in the pot, then we watered them. Just three days later we had little green tops peeping up out of the soil and now just six days later we have good growth. This was so easy even my four-year-old could do it! We plan to add more so we have a running supply.

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  1. D Wilson says

    I tried this and sure enough – in about three days I had little green sprouts sticking out of the soil. Thanks for sharing the tip – what a great way to get green onion starts year round.

    As to your 9 foot tomatillos – my plants only got 3-4 feet high but in our hot dry summer weather they set a fair amount of fruit. The fruit never got very big (we didn’t indulge in much supplemental watering for the vegetables) but they sure are tasty. Glad you are enjoying yours.

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