Weekend Gardening: Growing Potatoes in the Winter, Part 2

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Andrea Meyers - potato plants in pots, winter

Happy New Year! We started off the new year by talking about the garden, which we usually do in early January. This year the discussion centered around where to put in more raised beds this spring, where the fig and pomegranate trees should have their permanent home, and what to do about the potatoes we have growing indoors. Michael added the third round of soil yesterday, and as you can see there is no room for more. The plants sprouted many more stems than we expected, and they’ve gotten tall, which we did expect, though we thought the pots would be tall enough. We had to stake one of the pots and may need to stake the others. And the next time we grow container potatoes, we’ll need to start with taller pots.

We’ve kept them near a south-facing window so they get regular sunlight, and we’ve been careful not to overwater to avoid rotting the potatoes. What’s going on under the dirt is still mystery, but the plants look healthy and hopefully we’ll have a tasty surprise when we harvest, probably next month.

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  1. says

    Interesting experiment. My prognoses about harvest would be pesimistic, in best case just hazelnut size potatoes… but I would like to be wrong on that. I will come to check later


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