Weekend Gardening: Final Harvest of the Summer Season

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Andrea Meyers - Tomatoes and other fruits and vegetables, final harvest, 2010

We are always a little sad to take down the tomato and pepper plants each autumn. Michael carefully gathers as many of the green orbs as possible, and occasionally finds a semi-ripe or even nearly ripe one. Then he takes the cages down and cuts down the plants and pulls the roots out. This year we found a few more volunteers hiding out among the tomatoes, and have a couple tiny cantaloupes that may or may not ripen. They were pretty green.

Michael set up a rack in the basement root cellar area near where we keep the garlic, and the tomatoes and peppers are all hanging out there. Some of the tomatoes and peppers may ripen, otherwise we’ll be busy using them up and preserving over the next week.

Andrea Meyers - tomato plants laying on the grass

Farewell summer.

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  1. miguel says

    Ah it was in the 70s here in Norfolk, VA. Hardly feels like fall is just around the corner. Time to plant some garlic.

  2. says

    Thanks Damaris, I hope you like them.

    Alisa, it was a pretty good season. We’re always thankful for what we get.

    Miguel, you are right, the garlic needs to go in the ground before frost.


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