Valentine’s Day Chocolate Treats with Foodily

Print Friendly blogger logoFor me, Valentine’s Day food is really just about the chocolate, and the pleasure of making a memorable dessert and sharing it with Michael is enough. So if our schedules go awry—which they often do—and we don’t get a nice romantic dinner for just the two of us, there’s no let down because there’s still dessert after we get the boys to bed. Chocolate mousse and fondue are two of our favorites for Valentine’s Day, but we also go for chocolate truffles, tarts, cake, or drinks.

However, if our schedules could go according to plan and I could create a romantic meal for just the two of us, I would make this menu:

Smoked Salmon with Clementines

Steak au Poivre

Sherried Mushrooms

Creamy Mashed Potatoes

Then for dessert, I would choose one of these amazing chocolate creations, though having to choose just one would be very difficult:

Chocolate Glazed Chocolate Tart

Ghirardelli Ultimate Chocolate Fondue

Milk Chocolate with Burnt Caramel Drink

Chocolate Truffles

Flourless Chocolate Espresso Truffle Cake

Vanilla, Salted Butter Caramel and Chocolate Mousse

Make Your Own Valentine’s Menu

What would you want to make for Valentine’s Day? You can create your own Valentine’s Day menus on Foodily and even get a chance to have your menu featured on Here’s how to do it:

1. Go to and login with Facebook Connect (or create a login).

2. Play around with recipes and find your favorites to create an amazing Valentine’s Day meal.

3. Once you’ve selected a recipe, save it to a menu:

  • From the recipe, click the “Save” button, select the course, and then give your menu a name.
  • Continue adding recipes and saving to that menu.

4. View your menu (either from the tab at the top or from your profile) and copy the URL. You can also share your menu on Facebook and grab the URL there. Note: the URL will look similar to this:

5.Tweet the following and be sure to include the #foodilyvdaymenu hashtag at the end:

Check out my @foodily Valentine’s Day menu! Create one of your own! http://(your menu URL here) #foodilyvdaymenu

6. Foodily will be watching and selecting menu winners daily to be featured on the Foodily site!

Note: You can also enter by sharing your menu on Foodily’s Facebook wall.

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  1. san m says

    Michael is so lucky to have such an epicurian and sucessful wife. Wishing you the best Valentines Day. Its amazing you get anything done chasing three small boys around!


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