Valentine’s Day Chocolate Desserts for Extremely Busy People

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It’s Valentine’s Day! Have you made dessert yet? Have you thought about dessert yet? If your busy schedule has left you trying to think of something at the last minute, I have a few chocolate desserts that you can whip up today. And I’ve included preparation time estimates to help you plan.

Andrea Meyers - Vaina Cocktail (Chile)

Vaina Cocktail from Chile (5 minutes)

Andrea Meyers - Mexican Hot Chocolate Fondue

Mexican Hot Chocolate Fondue (20 minutes)

Andrea Meyers - Chocolate Mousse

Julia Child’s Chocolate Mousse (20 minutes to prepare, a couple hours to chill)

Andrea Meyers - Red Velvet Cake

Red Velvet Cake (60 to 75 minutes, including time for the cakes to cool)

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