Three Cooling Summer Cocktails

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The heat waves we’ve had this year have been absolutely brutal, and in the evenings the best way to cool down is with some ice cream or a chilled cocktail. I recently created three summer cocktails for Betty Crocker, and you can find them on These are all easy and can be made with widely available ingredients.

The first cocktail is a sangria granita that combines dry red wine with a sweet white moscato wine so you don’t need to add much sugar.

Andrea Meyers - Sangria Granita

The next one is a festive mango-blueberry champagne cocktail that I like for brunch or early evening.

Andrea Meyers - Mango Blueberry Champagne Cocktail

And this last one is a party punch with passion fruit and lime juice, rum, and mint leaves.

Andrea Meyers - Mint Passion Punch

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