The Saffron Experiment, Six Months and Counting

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Saffron crocuses, March 2008

I started my saffron experiment last fall, and as with all experiments I wasn’t sure how it would turn out. I’m happy to report that the outdoor saffron (photo above) appears to have survived the winter, though a rabbit or a whole colony seems to have discovered their tasty leaves. One plant has been chewed a bit, but the critter in question has moved on to my ornamental crocuses (photo below), apparently thinking they are more tasty.

My indoor saffron lost all the leaves during the whitefly battle this winter, but I checked yesterday and the corms (bulbs) are still intact. So I have left them in their pots by the window, thinking they might slip into dormancy early. The outdoor bulbs will go dormant once the weather turns warm.

We’re halfway through this little experiment, and sometime in late September to mid-October I hope to show some photos of the saffron crocuses in bloom and some of the harvest.

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  1. says

    Oh my, I tried this once, and then the neighbor’s fucking cat ate it all. Little bastard.

    Best of luck to you and cannot wait to see the results!

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