The First Fruits of Summer

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The First Fruits of Summer - Ripe Tomatoes

I wanted to photograph the first ripe tomato on the vine, and I kept reminding myself to do that, but it turns out that I completely lack discipline when it comes to fresh, ripe tomatoes off the vine. I popped the first one in my mouth and started savoring the sweet taste of summer before I remembered my plan. So this is a photo of the second ripe tomato on the vine.

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    ooh, I forgot all about sungolds this year. was in a hurry to slam some stuff in the pots before I lost my gardening momentum so I bought what was available at wallyworld–sweet cherry 100’s. in fact I don’t think I have seen any sungold plants for sale even at the organic farmer’s market–but yours look DELICIOUS and there is always next year!

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    beautiful! i bought a tomato plant in march and it is bearing one single fruit (still some flowers left, so i don’t give up hope!)… sadly, i have now left for 6 weeks of holidays so I probably won’t even know what it tastes like… boohoo!

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    Elena: I’ve never planted sungolds before, so this was a new one for us. They have a wonderful sweet flavor!

    Johanna: Hopefully your plant will still have plenty of tomatoes for you when you get back! Enjoy your holiday!

    Nan, thank you! Hope you get many, many tomatoes!

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