Ten Healthy Meals to Start Off the New Year

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After all the holiday feasting, I inevitably feel the need for simple healthy meals in January, meals that will bring me back down to earth after the sugar and calorie highs of December. These are some of our favorites, and we hope you’ll share some of your favorites in the comments.

Here’s to a Happy and Healthy 2012!

Andrea Meyers - Asian Tuna Salad (LifeCafe)

Asian Tuna Salad, a healthy salad with a spicy kick from sambal oelek. Serve on top of green salad or in sandwiches, and in the summer I like to stuff it in our homegrown tomatoes.

Andrea Meyers - White Chili with Turkey and Cannellini Beans

White Chili with Turkey and Cannellini Beans is an easy chili with plenty of healthy protein and flavor.

Andrea Meyers - Spinach and Tortellini Soup

This spinach and tortellini soup is one of our new favorites from 2011, and it’s very easy to make. Our 8-year-old son can even make this soup.

Andrea Meyers - Mexican Spiced Butternut Squash Soup with Beans and Corn

I adore butternut squash, and this vegan Mexican spiced butternut squash soup with beans and corn is very healthy and full of flavor.

Andrea Meyers - Fast Fish Tacos

Sautéed fish tacos are easy and quick to make for a weeknight meal.

Andrea Meyers - Black Bean Soup

There are so many ways to make bean soups, and this is on our list of desperation weeknight meals. It’s a fast and easy black bean soup that you can make with pantry ingredients.

Andrea Meyers - Moroccan Chicken Soup

Yes, we eat a lot of soup in the winter, and this Moroccan spiced chicken soup is at the top of our favorites list. The mix of spices with the butternut squash, mushrooms, carrots, and chicken, is heavenly.

Andrea Meyers - Chinese Chicken and Broccoli

If I only make one Asian meal each week, my family votes for this one. Chinese chicken and broccoli is Top Gun’s favorite meal and the meal he always requests when we go out for Chinese food. It’s also easy to make at home.

Andrea Meyers - Spicy Red Lentil and Tomato Soup

Lentils are one of my favorite foods, and this spicy red lentil and tomato soup is a good pick-me-up for a cold winter evening.

Andrea Meyers - Winter Minestrone

Winter minestrone is an old favorite of mine. I’m not much of a summer soup eater, and using winter vegetables just makes more sense to me. It’s a great soup.

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