Yogurt Fantail Rolls

We’re on the last week of baking rolls from the February issue of Gourmet magazine, and my family thoroughly enjoyed these. The boys liked peeling them apart and Michael and I liked the flavor. The dough was soft and easy to work with, though the rise was not great, likely due to the temperature of… 

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Spicy Red Lentil and Tomato Soup

Spicy Red Lentil and Tomato Soup - Andrea Meyers

Lentils are one of my favorite comfort foods, and when I need a little warmth and comfort I’m very likely to walk into the kitchen and make a pot of mujaddarah, my favorite lentils and rice. Lentils are a powerhouse of nutrients, including protein, iron, fiber, folate, and thiamine, plus they are inexpensive, making them… 

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Carrot Ginger Soup and a Giveaway

Carrot Ginger Soup Recipe - Andrea Meyers

While the boys played I whipped up this carrot ginger soup yesterday for dinner. Michael was late getting home, saw the pot sitting on the stove, peered in and looked very skeptical. He stuck a finger into the cold soup to taste it and still didn’t look convinced. After I warmed it up and swirled… 

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Pumpkin Pancakes and a Giveaway

Pumpkin Pancakes - Andrea Meyers

It’s here! This week we celebrate my third blog anniversary and my birthday. January 7, 2006 was the day I found the first comment on my little online cooking database—it had been there for a couple weeks—and suddenly I realized I had a cooking blog. It’s also the day I found out I was pregnant… 

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Chicken Tikka Masala

Andrea Meyers - Chicken Tikka Masala

Though somewhat clouded in history, chicken tikka masala is clearly based on chicken tikka, a popular dish from South Asia. Chicken tikka is made by baking chicken pieces that have been marinaded in yogurt and spices, and often the pieces are skewered and baked in a tandoor, an Indian clay oven, though in some areas… 

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Curried Lentil and Potato Stew

Curried Lentil and Potato Stew - Andrea Meyers

I’m not a summer soup person, and you generally won’t find soup on the menu around our house until the first frost. The weather isn’t even remotely cold here yet and I’m still wearing shorts, but for some reason I had a craving for this stew. I love stews with lots of flavor, and this… 

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Chocolate Birthday Cake

We’ve posted photos of some of the birthday cakes we make for our family, but we’ve never really mentioned what type of cake we make, so it’s high time we remedy that situation. Our favorite cake flavor is chocolate, and we’ve been using a recipe from Hershey’s for a sour cream chocolate cake that is… 

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Coleslaw with Yogurt, Apple, and Peppers

Memorial Day has arrived, the official start of the summer grilling season. I grew up in the Midwest (Missouri and Illinois) where summer cookouts always included burgers, hot dogs, ribs, baked beans, and the standard summer salads—macaroni, potato, and coleslaw. Of the three, I am particularly devoted to coleslaw and we keep cabbage on hand… 

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Banana Bread

Banana Bread Recipe - Andrea Meyers

Of all the after school snacks our boys enjoy, this banana bread is at the top of their list, and they are always excited when we make it. I searched for a very long time for a recipe that satisfied me. Some recipes turned out too dry, while others were so moist that the inside… 

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