Pasta Pie (The Kids Cook Monday)

Andrea Meyers - Pasta Pie

Pasta pie is an occasional treat that our boys always have fun making. I’d never heard of pasta pie until Michael and I started dating and he took me to the original Generous George’s in Alexandria, an institution known for its eye-popping colorful décor and filling pasta pies, which is simply a pizza pie topped… 

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Yogurt Fantail Rolls

We’re on the last week of baking rolls from the February issue of Gourmet magazine, and my family thoroughly enjoyed these. The boys liked peeling them apart and Michael and I liked the flavor. The dough was soft and easy to work with, though the rise was not great, likely due to the temperature of… 

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Crusty Cornstalk Rolls

Crusty Cornstalk Rolls - Andrea Meyers

We’re playing in flour again for our Gourmet bread challenge. This week I decided to make the crusty cornstalk rolls, which are reminiscent of an epi and only slightly different in shape. An epi resembles a stalk of wheat, and a cornstalk should suggest a stalk of corn with the ears hanging on it. With… 

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