Weekend Gardening: Hibernation

Lemongrass in Winter - Andrea Meyers

I walk around the garden with snow crunching under my feet and my breath hanging in the air. Brown leaves hang on the rose bushes with a few shriveled flowers dangling from the stems. Lemongrass leaves, which last summer stood as tall as my eyes, now lay fallen and crushed, the lemon fragrance long gone… 

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Weekend Gardening: Growing Potatoes in the Winter, Part 1

Potato Sprouts in a Pot - Andrea Meyers

Ever since I found tiny yellow potatoes at Trader Joe’s last year, I’ve been planning how to grow some for ourselves. The flavor of those little potatoes is incredibly close to my favorite papas criollas from Colombia and after tasting them in ajiaco and clam chowder we knew we had to try them in the… 

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Weekend Gardening Photos and 7 Random Things

Potted Bay Laurel Tree - Andrea Meyers

We keep an indoor garden year round, growing mostly herbs but also some greens. We don’t have an elaborate setup, just a couple shelves positioned at western and southern-facing windows with inexpensive grow lights attached. We run the lights from sunset to sunrise to help give the plants plenty of growing time and warmth.

Saffron in the Snow

Saffron in the Snow - Andrea Meyers

We had our first snowfall of the season in Northern Virginia last week, a cause for celebration since we hadn’t gotten much snow during our time in Hampton Roads. The boys pressed their faces to the windows and watched the flakes gently falling, turning the ground and trees white. We felt so cold and wore… 

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