Squash Soup with Saffron and Ginger, and Hugs for Barbara

Squash Soup Recipe with Saffron and Ginger - Andrea Meyers

I first found Barbara of Winos and Foodies through her Taste of Yellow event, a celebration of surviving cancer. Barbara really tugged at our hearts with her determination to beat cancer and for taking positive steps to raise cancer awareness, and many of us have participated in Taste of Yellow for the past two years.

The Saffron Experiment: Dormancy

Saffron, Dormant - Andrea Meyers

As the weather heats up, the saffron crocuses have slipped into dormancy. The foliage died off, only this one plant has leaves remaining, and for the next few months I will just have to wonder if they will come back in late September bearing the precious saffron. Our indoor crocuses slipped into dormancy early, and… 

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Saffron in the Snow

Saffron in the Snow - Andrea Meyers

We had our first snowfall of the season in Northern Virginia last week, a cause for celebration since we hadn’t gotten much snow during our time in Hampton Roads. The boys pressed their faces to the windows and watched the flakes gently falling, turning the ground and trees white. We felt so cold and wore… 

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The Saffron Experiment

Saffron, Crocus Sativus (via Wikipedia)

I do not write a gardening blog and I am no expert gardener. Although I don’t have a completely black thumb, I did in fact set a new record this year for the shortest time I ever kept a rosemary plant alive. The poor thing started dropping leaves within two days after I got it… 

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