Pumpkin Bread Pudding with Maple Glaze

Andrea Meyers - Pumpkin Bread Pudding with Maple Glaze

I don’t know what Christmas morning is like at your house, but ours is pretty much chaos. The boys are up early, sometimes way too early, and breakfast doesn’t happen until all the stockings and presents have been opened and unwrapped. By then everyone is hungry and ready to eat, so tackling a major breakfast… 

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Whole Wheat Sweet Potato Bread with Cranberries

Andrea Meyers - Whole Wheat Sweet Potato Bread with Cranberries

Yesterday the sun came out after Hurricane Sandy roared through. Some of our windows had steady leaks during the height of the storm, and some of our outdoor stuff got blown about, but otherwise we were very fortunate. Before the storm I went on a baking spree, something I always do so we will have… 

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Baked Boston Brown Bread

Andrea Meyers - Baked Boston Brown Bread

“Mommy, you make the best bread!” Top Gun said as he happily munched on a slice of baked Boston brown bread. We made this to go with our slow cooker Boston baked beans, and the boys later enjoyed slices of it with butter as an after school snack. And like those baked beans, this bread… 

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Eggnog Waffles

Andrea Meyers - Eggnog Waffles

Breakfast is one of our favorite things about Christmas day. We sit down together later in the morning after all the presents have been unwrapped but before Michael and the boys begin work on assembling toys, and enjoy a hot breakfast of homemade cinnamon rolls, scones, pancakes, cranberry apple French toast, panettone, or waffles. These… 

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Apple Butter Muffins

Andrea Meyers - Apple Butter Muffins

It’s apple butter season! Ok, well, it’s apple season, and just like every year I find myself craving apple butter, apple pie, apple dumplings, apples in salads, apple cakes, apple cider, I could go on for a while. I like Empires, Honeycrisp, Cortland, and Fuji for eating out of hand, and usually bake with Granny… 

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Whole Wheat, Oatmeal, and Banana Pancakes

Whole Wheat, Oatmeal, and Banana Pancakes Recipe - Andrea Meyers

The final weekend of Mardi Gras is approaching, which means Pancake Day (aka Pancake Tuesday, Shrove Tuesday, Fat Tuesday) is next week. In our home one would think that it’s Pancake Day just about every Sunday morning since that’s our weekly ritual, though these pancakes were born on a snowy weekday morning this winter when… 

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Honey Cinnamon Whole Wheat Waffles

Honey Cinnamon Whole Wheat Waffles - Andrea Meyers

It’s time for another post for The Kids Cook Monday, and this time our boys chose one of their favorite breakfasts, waffles. Around our house breakfast can also be dinner and the boys enjoy waffles any time of the day. Serve healthy whole wheat waffles with fruit and  a vegetable omelet or frittata or and… 

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Colombian Arepas with Cheese (Arepas con Queso) and Aji

Colombian Arepas Recipe with Cheese (Arepas con Queso) and Aji - Andrea Meyers

When I lived in Bogotá years ago I frequented a small restaurant called Aquí en Santafe in Chapinero (Carrera 7 # 62-63). If you weren’t looking for it you would probably walk right past it, because at the time the only thing that made it stand out on the busy street was the dark red… 

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