Weekend Gardening: New Trees and Bushes

Fig Tree - Andrea Meyers

In the early days of Spring and Autumn, we have fun visiting nurseries and garden centers, admiring all the newly arrived plants and pondering what should go next in our edible back yard. Yesterday we selected a few new fruit trees and bushes to plant, though we had a hard time narrowing down the choices…. 

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Cherry Pomegranate Sorbet

Cherry Pomegranate Sorbet - Andrea Meyers

There’s a few things that you’ll always find in our refrigerator, things that fall into our Can’t Live Without category: salsa, lemons, limes, Greek yogurt, milk, half & half, cottage cheese, pickles, hot sauce, baby carrots, beer, and pomegranate juice. Actually I think the list is probably longer based on the amount of stuff that’s… 

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