Wegmeyer Farms: Autumn Pumpkins (Mini Spiced Pumpkin Bundt Cakes with Maple Glaze)

Andrea Meyers - Mini Spiced Pumpkin Bundt Cakes with Maple Glaze

Wegmeyer Farms is off the beaten path, you might say. The last bit of road that goes out to the farm is definitely country with gravel, dirt, an old single lane bridge, and a number of deep ruts. But it’s a beautiful ride and well worth the trip to see their gorgeous hillside pumpkin field… 

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Ticonderoga Farms: Autumn Pumpkins (Roasted Pumpkin Butter)

Andrea Meyers - Pumpkin Butter

Autumn at Ticonderoga Farms means pumpkins, hayrides, and plenty of outdoor fun in their huge play area. Their pumpkin patch is a short walk from the entrance or the hayride will take you right there, though I recommend the hayride, which takes you around the bamboo maze and part of the Christmas tree forest. It’s… 

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The Farm Project: Ticonderoga Farms Fig Lovers Feast (Fig Bundt Cake with Honey Butter Glaze)

Andrea Meyers - Fig Bundt Cake with Honey Butter Glaze

The second farm in The Farm Project is Ticonderoga Farms in Loudoun County, Virginia, which has been in their family for five generations. They grow figs, pumpkins, bamboo, flowers, Christmas trees, tomatoes, and other vegetables on their 1,000 acres. In addition, they raise free-range hens and sell the eggs and sell organic honey from their… 

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The Farm Project: Wegmeyer Farms (Raspberry Sauce)

Andrea Meyers - Wegmeyer Farms, raspberries

I didn’t grow up on a farm, but my family has a long history in agriculture and I grew up in Missouri and Illinois, where farms were abundant. In the summer you couldn’t drive anywhere in central Illinois without seeing corn and soybean fields, and detasseling was a common summer job for teens. In the… 

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My Mother’s Garden

Mom's Hydrangeas - Andrea Meyers

A few years ago my mother took her love of gardening to a whole new level. She successfully completed the Master Gardening course through the Clemson University Extension and now volunteers as a Master Gardener. To say that I’m proud of her doesn’t even begin to cover it, and I find myself calling her frequently… 

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Early Spring Blossoms

Plum Blossoms - Andrea Meyers

I think the ground hog’s crystal ball has a crack in it, because spring did not come early in our area. Overnight freezing temperatures persisted through the end of March, plus cold rainy weekends kept us indoors, so we are finally getting out to the garden this week. Instead of being in the kitchen, I’m… 

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