Inside-Out German Chocolate Cake

Inside-Out German Chocolate Cake - Andrea Meyers

German chocolate cake is actually not German at all. The recipe using Baker’s German’s Sweet Chocolate was first published in a Texas newspaper in the 1950s, although similar cakes had been popular in the South for many years. General Foods, which owned the Baker’s Chocolate brand, capitalized on the cake’s popularity and sent photos and… 

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Maple Pecan Granola

Andrea Meyers - Maple Pecan Granola

Michael’s parents celebrated Christmas with us this year, and as usual they brought some of our favorite foods from New York, including Harrison Bakery pumpernickel bread, Polish kielbasa, and his mother’s delicious Christmas cookies. This time they also brought us a half gallon of organic maple syrup from Adirondack Maple Farms in Fonda, NY. It… 

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Retro Creamy Fruit Salad

This is another retro recipe that’s been passed down through the family. In fact every time my husband eats this, he proclaims, “This is soooo retro.” While the name says it’s a salad, it’s probably closer to a dessert. Whatever the name, it’s light and cool and great for the warm summer months. The creamy… 

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Mardi Gras King Cake (the recipe)

Mardi Gras King Cake Recipe - Andrea Meyers

King cakes are a traditional Mardi Gras dessert, and according to legend the royal colors of purple, green and gold on the cake honor the three kings who visited the Christ child on Epiphany. But King Cakes can be made year-round for many festive occasions, such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, weddings, birthdays, etc, just choose the… 

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Pecan Pancakes with Butter Pecan Syrup

Pecan Pancakes Recipe with Butter Pecan Syrup - Andrea Meyers

“Decadent” is the only way to describe these. The syrup is rich and so easy to make, and these make a fantastic Sunday morning breakfast or brunch. I’m partial to White Lily Self-Rising Flour for pancakes and biscuits. Maybe it’s my Southern upbringing, but that soft winter wheat just seems to make the best, lightest… 

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Thumbprint Cookies

Thumbprint Cookies - Andrea Meyers

These are on our annual holiday cookies list. My side of the family fills the tops with colored frosting or chocolate frosting, and my husband’s side of the family fills them with jam, but Nutella is also a good choice. The butter cookies are rolled in crushed pecans and baked, with the thumbprint added mid-bake.