Three Cooling Summer Cocktails


The heat waves we’ve had this year have been absolutely brutal, and in the evenings the best way to cool down is with some ice cream or a chilled cocktail. I recently created three summer cocktails for Betty Crocker, and you can find them on These are all easy and can be made with… 

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Passion Fruit Curd

We’re breaking away from our regularly scheduled autumn foods programming to bring you something tropical and fragrant and oh so delicious. I have a bit of location envy when it comes to certain food bloggers, specifically those who live in climates that support subtropical fruits and vegetables and extended season gardening, and two of my… 

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Passion Fruit Macadamia Nut Ice Cream

My introduction to passion fruit (maracuya) came when I was teaching in Bogota, Colombia, where they enjoy a wonderful myriad of fruit. The locals and other teachers who had been there for a while taught me about the different fruits and showed me how to make juices from the frozen pulps that were available in… 

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