Daily Photo: Okra Blossom

Andrea Meyers - Okra blossom

The elusive okra blossom that I’ve been seeking since the okra plants started producing. Somehow I always missed the blossoms, which only last a day, not even a day, just the morning.

Smothered Okra (The Kids Cook Monday)

Andrea Meyers - Smothered Okra

Now that Builder Guy is almost 9, we decided he was ready to learn some kitchen knife skills, something a little more advanced than spreading butter and jam. So I thought of some fruits and vegetables that he could learn on, things that weren’t too difficult and would allow him to easily handle it while… 

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Weekend Gardening: Okra in a Pot


Sometimes we plan our garden experiments months, or even a year, in advance, and then sometimes we just wing it at the last minute or even a little late. The latter is the case with this pot of okra. I didn’t even think about it until I saw okra in the grocery store in late… 

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