Sweet Potato and Cranberry Muffins with Maple Butter

Sweet Potato and Cranberry Muffins Recipe with Maple Butter - Andrea Meyers

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, especially on the weekends. While weekday morning are a rush to get everyone out the door and to school or work, I like that we plan to sit down and enjoy a nice breakfast together for one weekend morning with pancakes or muffins, and omelets or quiche…. 

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Blueberry Muffins with Lemon and Yogurt

Blueberry Muffins with Lemon and Yogurt Recipe - Andrea Meyers

Blueberry season is finally here in our backyard garden. Cool weather lasted well into spring, so we’ve had to wait a couple extra weeks for the bushes to blossom and fruit. The berries are ripening and all four of my guys are excited about all the blueberry stuff we’ll make over the summer. Blueberry muffins,… 

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Whole Wheat Zucchini Morning Glory Muffins

Andrea Meyers - Whole Wheat Zucchini Morning Glory Muffins

Out of all the muffins we’ve ever made, these morning glory muffins are hands down the family favorite. They are so moist and full of good things—whole wheat flour, wheat germ, zucchini, carrots, raisins, walnuts, unsweetened coconut—and the flavor is excellent. Michael and the boys can’t wait to get their hands on them, and I… 

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Apple Butter Muffins

Andrea Meyers - Apple Butter Muffins

It’s apple butter season! Ok, well, it’s apple season, and just like every year I find myself craving apple butter, apple pie, apple dumplings, apples in salads, apple cakes, apple cider, I could go on for a while. I like Empires, Honeycrisp, Cortland, and Fuji for eating out of hand, and usually bake with Granny… 

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Whole Wheat Zucchini Muffins with Greek Yogurt

Whole Wheat Zucchini Muffins with Greek Yogurt - Andrea Meyers

This year the squash were a big surprise all around. We planted just three kinds of zucchini squash (dark green, yellow, and light green), and of the three, only the yellow managed to survive the onslaught of the squash vine borers. We’ve had yellow zucchini coming in pretty regularly since mid July, and we’ve made… 

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Apple Cinnamon Crunch Muffins

Apple Cinnamon Crunch Muffins Recipe - Andrea Meyers

Weekday morning breakfast is usually a quick affair for us with leftovers from the weekend or perhaps cereal with fruit. But today we woke up to ice on the roads and an announcement that schools were closed, so I decided to do something fun and make muffins. The recipe comes from Michael’s mother, a variation… 

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