Saipan Red Rice (Eneksa Agaga)

Saipan Red Rice (Eneksa Agaga) Recipe - Andrea Meyers

Grilling season is approaching, and one of my favorite summer sides is this red rice from Saipan. As I mentioned in my post on Chicken Kelaguen, this is a common island dish that brings back fond memories of the local cookouts and celebrations. The red coloring comes from soaking achiote seeds in water. The seeds… 

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Chicken Kelaguen (Kelaguen Mannok)

This dish is one of my fond memories of four years spent in Saipan. Local celebrations always included chicken kelaguen, red rice, empanadas, pancit, and other delicious island foods. Traditional kelaguen starts with a whole chicken, cut in half or in pieces, that has been grilled till cooked but still juicy. Then you combine the… 

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