Weekend Gardening Photos and 7 Random Things

Potted Bay Laurel Tree - Andrea Meyers

We keep an indoor garden year round, growing mostly herbs but also some greens. We don’t have an elaborate setup, just a couple shelves positioned at western and southern-facing windows with inexpensive grow lights attached. We run the lights from sunset to sunrise to help give the plants plenty of growing time and warmth.

My Omnivore’s 100

Andrew of Very Good Taste created a fun meme asking which items we have eaten out of his personal list of 100 things every omnivore should eat at least once. I decided to play along, so here is my Omnivore’s 100 based on Andrew’s original list. At the end of the post, you’ll see I… 

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The Interview: Conversation Over Tea

An interview meme is making it’s way around the food blogs, but in this one you don’t get tagged, you ask to be interviewed by someone who has already gone through the process. So I’ve brought this on myself, but I thought it would be fun. After you read my responses, you’ll have an opportunity… 

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