My Favorite Julia Child Recipes

PBS - I Love Julia Child

Though I didn’t grow up watching Julie Child or even having an inkling of who she was, she later had a profound affect on how I approached my cooking. I can thank my friend Rose for persuading me to make Julia’s oh so luscious chocolate mousse for her when she was pregnant, and that was… 

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Eggplant Gratin (Gratin D’Aubergines, Provencal)

Eggplant Gratin (Gratin D'Aubergines, Provencal) - Andrea Meyers

The upcoming release of the movie Julie & Julia (August 7, 2009) has ignited discussions about cooking and blogging and caused me to reflect on my own cooking journey. Cooking always seemed like a big mystery to me when I was growing up. My grandmothers were both talented Southern cooks and seemed to hardly measure… 

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Chocolate Mousse

title="Chocolate Mousse - Andrea Meyers" alt="Chocolate Mousse - Andrea Meyers"

There is something romantic about mousse. Perhaps it’s the chocolate or the combination of light airiness and rich flavor, but whatever it is I think chocolate mousse makes a perfect treat for Valentines or any other romantic occasion. The first time I made this mousse was by special request of my friend Rose. It’s her… 

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Steak au Poivre with Sauteed Porta Bella Mushrooms

Steak au Poivre with Sauteed Porta Bella Mushrooms - Andrea Meyers

Most of our evening meals are simple, often pulling from the freezer any leftovers from my weekend cooking marathons. We spend our energy taking care of the boys, coaxing them to eat their dinner and use good manners, and conversation centers around the day and what the boys did in school or any new milestones…. 

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The Daring Bakers Make Julia Child’s French Bread

Andrea Meyers - Julia Child's French Bread

Unlike many of my fellow Daring Bakers, I cannot claim to have watched Julia Child’s cooking shows or even read any of her books until recently. I was more interested in Asian, Mexican, or Italian cooking, anyway. That’s what I told myself, but in truth it’s because I thought her cooking style was beyond my… 

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The Way to Cook…Vegetarian French Onion Soup

Vegetarian French Onion Soup Recipe - Andrea Meyers

This post marks a couple of firsts for me. This is the first time I have made French onion soup in two years, but not because I don’t like it. I love it and I have missed it! No, I had to give this up along with many other foods while I was pregnant with… 

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