Spiced Vegetable Dal and a Memorial

Spiced Vegetable Dal - Andrea Meyers

My first cookbook from Sheila Lukins was the 1980s classic Silver Palate Cookbook, a popular book that led many people in the United States to change the way they cooked and viewed food. I’ve collected just about all of the books she wrote and have cooked from them many times over the years, learning something… 

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Chicken Tikka Masala

Andrea Meyers - Chicken Tikka Masala

Though somewhat clouded in history, chicken tikka masala is clearly based on chicken tikka, a popular dish from South Asia. Chicken tikka is made by baking chicken pieces that have been marinaded in yogurt and spices, and often the pieces are skewered and baked in a tandoor, an Indian clay oven, though in some areas… 

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Chicken Ceylon with Masala Gravy

Andrea Meyers - Chicken Ceylon with Masala Gravy

I really enjoy Indian food, especially a good southern style curry with coconut milk and some garam masala. Last year I came across a treasure trove of some particularly good masala from a spice shop in Norfolk (that has unfortunately closed it’s doors), and the exquisite aroma of this mix is intoxicating. It adds a… 

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