French Green Beans with Prosciutto and Pine Nuts

Green Beans Recipe with Prosciutto and Pine Nuts - Andrea Meyers

Our nighttime temperatures settled into the 60s last week, so we could finally plant the basil, peppers, eggplant, and beans. My favorite kind of bean is the very thin French type, aka fillet beans, and we decided to try growing them last year. We planted the Maxibel variety of fillet beans and the plants sprouted… 

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Brown Butter Green Beans with Almonds

Brown Butter Green Beans Recipe with Almonds - Andrea Meyers

Michael and I celebrated our anniversary yesterday, and after putting the boys to bed early, I made a special dinner that included these green beans along with a new recipe for maple and black pepper roasted chicken, which was to die for. It’s from a new cookbook that I’m reviewing, so be on the lookout… 

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Green Bean Casserole with Three Mushrooms

Green Bean Casserole with Three Mushrooms - Andrea Meyers

This version of the classic green bean casserole from America’s Test Kitchen really jazzes it up and makes an incredibly flavorful dish. No cans of soup here, just fresh green beans with a lovely rich cream sauce and three kinds of mushrooms. The porcinis and creminis lend a nice woodsy flavor to the dish. If… 

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