Black Forest Cake (Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte) and Where Women Cook: Celebrate! Book Release

Andrea Meyers - Black Forest Cake

Last year I was invited to participate in a book project with Where Women Cook, a new magazine about women, the food we make, and where we cook. The book would have a celebration theme, and each of us chose our own thing that we celebrate, large or small or anywhere in between, and share… 

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Oktoberfest YouTube Playlist

Andrea Meyers Oktoberfest playlist thumbnail

Oktoberfest began as a wedding celebration in 1810, so it seemed appropriate for us to go to Oktoberfest during our German honeymoon 11 years ago, and each year we celebrate our anniversary with an Oktoberfest feast. So when I was invited to join several other bloggers creating themed playlists for YouTube, I thought it would… 

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German Currywurst

German Currywurst - Andrea Meyers

One of our favorite things to do during our German honeymoon 10 years ago was to try local specialties in each city: Kölsch beer in Cologne (Köln), lebkuchen in Nuremberg, schneeballen in Rothenburg, and brezels in Munich. Currywurst is certainly a memorable local specialty, a favorite of Berliners for over 60 years. It’s simply a… 

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German Coleslaw

German Coleslaw - Andrea Meyers

Oktoberfest in Munich began over the weekend, and we are a little sad that we couldn’t be there. Since this is the 200th anniversary of Oktoberfest, the excitement and revelry must be at a high pitch, and of course it would have been a lot of fun to return for our 10th anniversary. We’re just… 

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Swabian Potato Salad (Schwäbischer Kartoffelsalat)

Andrea Meyers - Swabian Potato Salad

We had traditional Swabian potato salad (Schwäbischer kartoffelsalat), a salad which has yellow potatoes and a very simple oil and vinegar dressing, a few times while in Stuttgart. It is often used as a base for salad greens such as arugula or lettuces, and in fact it was served beneath the green salad at every… 

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Stuttgart Markthalle

Andrea Meyers - Stuttgart Markthalle

This short jaunt to Germany has been so much fun, and I have to say one of the highlights was visiting the Stuttgart Markthalle, an historic market in the old part of Stuttgart. A vegetable market has been in this location since 1864, and the building was constructed between 1911 and 1914. The building was… 

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Restaurant: Calwer Eck, Stuttgart, Germany

Andrea Meyers - Meal at Calwer Eck in Stuttgart, Germany

Billed as the “kleinste bräuerei Stuttgarts” (the smallest brewery in Stuttgart), Calwer Eck is a brewery restaurant worth a look. In a central downtime location on the Calwer Strasse, a pedestrian street near the Stadtmitte S-Bahn stop, it’s easily accessible and close to a number of tourist attractions in the Altstadt (old part of town)…. 

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