Strawberry Gelato

Andrea Meyers - Strawberry Gelato

There’s nothing like the first fresh strawberries of the season. That gorgeous bright red color is so inviting, promising a sweet and juicy delight. When I brought home a bucket of fresh-picked strawberries from Wegmeyer Farms, my boys could hardly keep their hands out of it, and after letting them snack on a few, I… 

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Bananas Foster Gelato

Bananas Foster Gelato - Andrea Meyers

This gelato has been months in the making, literally. I first thought of it during Mardi Gras season, then it came to me again several times during the spring, then again when the temperatures cranked up in June. I couldn’t get it out of my mind, and unbidden thoughts of sweet, rummy bananas swirled into… 

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Chocolate Gelato with Hazelnut Praline

Chocolate Gelato with Hazelnut Praline - Andrea Meyers

I have very fond memories of tasting gelato on my trip to Italy way back when, but my first taste of gelato didn’t happen in Italy; it was actually in Bogota, Colombia. Centro Andino was a pretty new shopping center when I lived in Bogota in the early 90s, and they had a gelateria that… 

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