Banana Bundt Cake

Banana Bundt Cake - Andrea Meyers

My children’s school had a teacher’s luncheon a couple weeks ago for Teacher Appreciation Week, and I signed up to make a dessert. Cakes seem to go over well and Bundt cakes always look pretty on the buffet table, so I chose Dorie’s recipe for a banana Bundt, a homey and deliciously moist cake that… 

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Quick and Easy Mandarin Orange Chicken

Quick and Easy Mandarin Orange Chicken - Andrea Meyers

Some of my favorite things to order at Chinese restaurants are the dishes I won’t make at home, basically anything battered and fried. I’m not lazy, I just don’t enjoy cleaning up the splattery mess I always seem to make when frying. Orange chicken is one of my favorites, but I always save it for… 

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Strawberries and Cream with Macaroons

Strawberries and Cream with Macaroons Recipe - Andrea Meyers

Strawberries are coming in season, one of my favorite food times of the year. Here in northern Virginia we have to wait a few more weeks, but warmer areas of the country are already basking in the glow of the beautiful fresh red fruits. My boys are always excited when we come home with strawberries,… 

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German Apple Pancake

Mommy: Do you know what day it is? Chorus: No. Mommy: It’s Pancake Day. Chorus: Pancake Day! Wow! Can we have pancakes? Mommy: We’re going to have an apple cinnamon pancake. Chorus: Yay! Yummy! Top Gun: Mommy, we need more than one pancake! Mommy: We are only making one pancake. (Chorus silent. Probably planning how… 

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