No-Knead Bread

On November 8, the New York Times ran a piece in the Food Section that turned the homemade bread world on it’s ear. Jim Lahey of Sullivan Street Bakery made public his recipe and technique for making the ultimate minimalist bread, one that requires no kneading and only four ingredients. Lahey claims that a six-year-old… 

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Experiment: Jamaican Jerk Chicken

Andrea Meyers - Jamaican Jerk Chicken

We both enjoy jerk chicken, but we’ve never made it, so with the summer grilling season upon us, it just seemed like a good time to give it a go. Boy, do we feel silly for not trying it before now! It’s really, really simple—you just marinate and grill. I used only one habanero instead… 

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Experiment: Filled Chocolate Easter Eggs

Filled Chocolate Easter Eggs - Andrea Meyers

Four years ago my good friend artist Nancy DeJesus offered to pick up some of her father’s filled chocolate Easter eggs for anyone who was interested. She was going to see her family out of state and could bring the eggs back with her. Since her father is a retired chocolatier and confectioner, I just… 

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