Squash Soup with Saffron and Ginger, and Hugs for Barbara

Squash Soup Recipe with Saffron and Ginger - Andrea Meyers

I first found Barbara of Winos and Foodies through her Taste of Yellow event, a celebration of surviving cancer. Barbara really tugged at our hearts with her determination to beat cancer and for taking positive steps to raise cancer awareness, and many of us have participated in Taste of Yellow for the past two years.

Risotto with Onions and Sage

Risotto is creamy, beautiful comfort food, and I can’t think of a better meal to make it for than Thanksgiving. Because it’s not a fix it and walk away kind of dish, I do not make it for weekday meals. The constant stirring and adding liquid demands careful attention, and the usual chaos surrounding our… 

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New England Clam Chowder

New England Clam Chowder Recipe - Andrea Meyers

New England clam chowder ranks in my Top 10 list of comfort foods, and it’s one of my favorite things to order in seafood restaurants. Recipes for clam chowder are hotly contested, and if you get into a discussion about chowder with New Englanders you are likely to get a wide variety of opinions on… 

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Creamed Spinach

This is heavenly. Wonderful comfort food, and a kid pleaser! My kids wolf this down and ask for seconds. We eat this with just about any cajun dish, but it’s also good with pasta dishes. [Updated February 6, 2009] Equipment 2 to 3 quart/liter glass baking dish, lightly coated with cooking spray large saute pan