Colombian Hot Chocolate

Colombian Hot Chocolate Recipe - Andrea Meyers

My first year in Colombia was full of new food, new music, new language, and new friends. Trips to the market and grocery stores were adventures that required advance preparation, such as looking up ingredients in a Spanish dictionary or calling friends to inquire about local terminology. I had studied German in high school, which… 

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Colombian Arepas with Cheese (Arepas con Queso) and Aji

Colombian Arepas Recipe with Cheese (Arepas con Queso) and Aji - Andrea Meyers

When I lived in Bogotá years ago I frequented a small restaurant called Aquí en Santafe in Chapinero (Carrera 7 # 62-63). If you weren’t looking for it you would probably walk right past it, because at the time the only thing that made it stand out on the busy street was the dark red… 

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Ajiaco Bogotano (Colombia)

Ajiaco Bogotano (Colombia) - Andrea Meyers

For me this is the ultimate comfort food, and it’s also my favorite food from my years overseas. It’s a great weekend soup, but it’s also a celebration meal for the Bogotanos who often make very large pots of this soup for festive occasions such as Christmas. They typically serve the soup in black bowls… 

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