Orzo with Parmesan and Basil

Orzo is a rice-shaped pasta traditionally used in Italian soups, but it’s very versatile and can be used as a main ingredient for side dishes or in cold salads. We love it because it’s easy to fix for a fast weeknight meal and it dresses up nicely with simple ingredients. This time we had it… 

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Italian-Style Meatloaf

Italian-Style Meatloaf Recipe - Andrea Meyers

I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t like meatloaf and haven’t fixed it in years. We’re just not a meatloaf family, so when I announced one day last week that we would be having meatloaf for dinner I got a very strange look from Michael. “Meatloaf?” “Yes, meatloaf.” “Why?” “I found a recipe… 

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No-Cook Tomato Sauce (Grow Your Own)

No-Cook Tomato Sauce Recipe (Grow Your Own) - Andrea Meyers

In my view, fresh, ripe tomatoes are meant to be enjoyed in their natural state, and nothing beats the taste of a tomato straight off the vine. When I start gathering the tomatoes from my garden, I’ll often stand near the plants and just enjoy inhaling the wonderful smell. I follow my family’s tradition and… 

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Basic Basil Pesto

Basil Pesto - Andrea Meyers

At the risk of jinxing things, I have to say that our garden is really doing well this year. We have tons of tomatoes that will be ready for picking next week. The herbs are going crazy. The Italian parsley and the dill are about three feet tall with lots of leaves, the oregano and… 

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