Cheese Torta with Basil, Olives, and Sundried Tomatoes and a Giveaway

Cheese Torta with Basil, Olives, and Sundried Tomatoes - Andrea Meyers

We are very fortunate to live near DeBaggio’s, a truly wonderful herb farm and nursery that’s been growing beautiful healthy plants since 1975. One of the ladies in the neighborhood told me about them the first year we lived here, specifically mentioning their wonderful tomatoes, so I made a point to check it out and… 

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Orzo Salad with Pesto

Orzo Salad with Pesto (Good Bite: Everyday Meals with a Twist) - Andrea Meyers

[This recipe was originally published as part of a video series with That site is no longer active, so I am offering the recipe here.] has a new video series called Everyday Meals with a Twist sponsored by Heinz 57 sauce, and I shared one of our favorite easy recipes for the series…. 

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Potato Salad with Summer Herbs and White Wine Vinaigrette

Potato Salad with Summer Herbs and White Wine Vinaigrette - Andrea Meyers

For us the Fourth of July is about celebrating our nation’s heritage as well as family, friends, parades, fireworks, and of course the annual Fourth of July cookout. Our cookouts vary somewhat from year to year, but we always have some kind of potato salad for the Fourth, and this potato salad recipe is particularly… 

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Pasta with Chicken, Garlic Scapes, Tomatoes, and Basil

Pasta with Chicken, Garlic Scapes, Tomatoes, and Basil - Andrea Meyers

The garlic only has a few more weeks in the ground, then it will be time to dig it up, and if the flavor of the scapes is any indication, we are in for some spicy garlic this year. We harvested the scapes over the weekend and made three different things with them: pesto, cannellini… 

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Thai Basil Chicken (Kai Kraphao)

Thai Basil Chicken Recipe (Kai Kraphao) - Andrea Meyers

This dish is the main reason we grow Thai basil in our herb garden. We’ve grown many kinds of basil over the years and seem to have settled into a routine of Genovese, Lemon (Sweet Dani or similar), and Thai (Sweet Thai or Queen of Siam) basil because they cover the spectrum of our uses…. 

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Zucchini Risotto with Basil

Zucchini Risotto - Andrea Meyers

Zucchini season will soon come to an end, but there’s still time to enjoy this icon of the summer garden. We’ve made salads, pasta, bread, gratins, and all sorts of things with zucchini, even though it was a sad zucchini year for us after losing all our zucchini plants to garden pests. Risotto is comfort… 

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San Marzano Sauce with Peppers

San Marzano Sauce with Peppers - Andrea Meyers

A few days before we left for vacation, I picked five pounds of San Marzano tomatoes and a dozen bell peppers from our garden and had to do something with them fast. I had planned all along to turn those beautiful tomatoes into sauce, but now that the task was at hand and I only… 

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How to Freeze Basil

How to Freeze Basil - Andrea Meyers

“What are you doing, Mommy?” “I’m harvesting the basil.” “Oh.” That was it. My boys weren’t at all interested in the process and ran off to do something, anything more fun than harvesting basil. We’ve been growing basil for a long time, and we always freeze some into cubes and make large batches of pesto… 

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Zucchini and Mushroom Pasta with Lemon Basil

Zucchini and Mushroom Pasta with Lemon Basil - Andrea Meyers

With zucchini in season and a garden full of herbs, I had plenty to work with for creating a quick and easy meal. For this dish, I sauteed shallots and garlic, tossed in some baby portabella mushrooms and julienne zucchini, added some lemon basil chiffonade, then finished it off with a dry white wine and… 

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