Speaking at BlogHer DC ’08

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Today I’m at BlogHer DC speaking with Liz Henry, Veronica Noone, and Kristen King at the 1 PM panel on Blogging Basics: 6 Steps to Personalize, Polish, and Promote Your Blog. Here’s the agenda description:

Join BlogHer’s Liz Henry and a team of subject-matter experts for a quick and effective blog makeover. Let’s look at your blog, whether you’ve got one post up or 100, and give it some love. Liz will explain 6 simple steps you can take to give your blog a tune-up, and then we’ll break into small groups to try out some of what you’ve learned. These 6 steps can help clarify to your readers who you are and what you write. Whether you use WordPress, Blogger, TypePad, or any other platform – you and your platform are welcome.

  • Personalize: Veronica “Roni” Noone will make sure your readers know how to identify and reach you…and that you feature your community, so they can also see themselves. In addition she’ll work with you to learn how to add images, or even audio and video, to show who you are.
  • Polish: Andrea Meyers (well known for Andrea’s Recipes) will cover the basic geeky ingredients that add up to a truly functional, findable, fabulous blog. Learn about appropriate, search-friendly hyperlinking, tagging…why and how, and even about headlines and why they matter.
  • Promote: Kristen King will help you learn how (and why) to put your post on BlogHer, Twitter, Kirtsy, Digg, Del.icio.us, Reddit, Stumbleupon, other social sites.
  • You can download my presentation here.

    Andrea Meyers’ presentation at BlogHer DC ’08 (219 kb)

    Andrea Meyers' presentation at BlogHer DC '08

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      Thanks for posting your whole presentation! I was at this session in Boston and it’s great to have a soft copy of some of this information. Very helpful.

      Good luck at the panel!

    2. says

      Kalyn, thanks, and I think you could have given the presentation!

      Maris, thanks, and I’m glad the file was helpful.

      Susan, I think it went well. No one threw rotten fruit. 😉

      Judy, it was great to meet you! You have a wonderful, informative site.

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