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Over the last several months I’ve made a number of changes to the site that I hope have been helpful. It started with a redesign late last summer and the new Print Friendly printer function which allows you to leave out the images and extra text so you can save paper when you print recipes. Today I am excited to share with you about the ZipList service which has been live on the site for a few weeks.

ZipList is a free service that makes meal planning and grocery shopping so much easier. You can save your favorite recipes from all over the internet in one place and make grocery lists which you can sync up with apps on your mobile phone to access it while you are shopping. It even uses the bar code technology on mobile phones so you can scan bar codes on products you use regularly at home to add them to your grocery list. My inner geek loves that!

So on this site to save a recipe just click the Ziplist save recipe button button at the top of a recipe post, and you’ll be taken to a window where you can create a free ZipList account or sign in to your existing ZipList account.

Andrea Meyers: making life delicious Ziplist branded recipe box login screen

Once you have an account, you can see all your recipes in your recipe box, which you can also access at any time via the recipe box button in the right sidebar. Andrea Meyers: making life delicious Ziplist branded recipe box button

Andrea Meyers: making life delicious Ziplist branded recipe box

In the recipe box, you can search for recipes you want to cook, and you can add tags to make filtering recipes easier as your recipe box grows larger. To make grocery lists, just click Add to Shopping List and all the ingredients for a recipe will be added to your shopping list.

Andrea Meyers: making life delicious Ziplist branded grocery lists

You can make individual lists for each store you shop at, which is very handy, and then print it or pull it up on your mobile phone while you are in the store. To get the ZipList app, download it from the Android Market or the iPhone App Store.

I hope you find the ZipList service helpful, I know that I have!

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