Restaurant: Calwer Eck, Stuttgart, Germany

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Billed as the “kleinste bräuerei Stuttgarts” (the smallest brewery in Stuttgart), Calwer Eck is a brewery restaurant worth a look. In a central downtime location on the Calwer Strasse, a pedestrian street near the Stadtmitte S-Bahn stop, it’s easily accessible and close to a number of tourist attractions in the Altstadt (old part of town). When walking down the Calwer Strasse, look for this menu station and the sign above that says “Hausbrauerei,” then go up the marble stairs to the left, or you can dine outdoors in front of the entrance. The interior is warm and inviting, with walls covered in stained wood and beautiful windows overlooking the Calwer Strasse. They have large raised booths with wooden benches or tables with chairs.

The restaurant features traditional hearty Swabian favorites and they have both German and English menus available, though I had fun trying to dust off my high school German from years ago translating the menu for Michael. They serve breakfast daily lunch specials (Mittags) including drink from 11:00 am to 5 pm, dinner after 5 pm, and a Sunday all you can eat brunch from 10 am to 4 pm. The daily lunch specials are very reasonable at just €6,50 with soup and salad extra at just €1,80. The Sunday brunch sounds like a good value at €8,80 per person, with children under 6 eating free and children 6 to 12 eating at half price. I spotted a Frühstück (breakfast) list tucked into the main menu, though a note on the website mentions that they do not currently serve breakfast.

We went for dinner and had beers, salads, and entrees. Michael ordered the braumeisterbier, the house beer, which he enjoyed; I had the Helles hefeweizen, also good. Both were €2,80 per glass or €12,90 per pitcher. The side salad (€2,50), which tasted very good, consisted of a bed of German style potato salad with a vinaigrette and some slaw, then greens, shredded carrots, and tomato wedges on top.

For his meal, Michael ordered the Braumeister-Schmaus (€11,80), a combination plate with Fleischkäse (a baked sausage meatloaf), Maultasche (meat wrapped in a wide flat noodle), Käsespätzle (cheese noodles), and Bratensauce (a dark gravy). His favorites were the Maultasche and the Käsespätzle.

I had the Stuttgarter Pfännle (€14,80), a meal served in one of their traditional pfannen (pans) with pork medallions, mushroom cream sauce, and homemade spätzle (noodles) on the side. The pork and noodles tasted great with the mushroom sauce.

Both meals were large and though we liked them were didn’t have enough room to finish, let alone any room for dessert, though it would be worth a trip back to try some of their appetizers and desserts.

[We purchased the meal and received no compensation of any kind for writing this article.]

Location: Calwer Strasse 31, 70173 Stuttgart

Getting there: Via S-Bahn, all lines (S1, S2, S3, S4, S5, S6). Get off at Stadtmitte one stop away from the Hauptbahnhoff (main train station). Walk to Rotebühlplatz, then Calwer Strasse.

Website: (in German), (in English)

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  1. Mark says

    That was a great write up of the pub. I’ve been going to Calwer Eck for years (I’m an ex-pat living here in Stuttgart.) There are so many good places to eat here. How did you manage to find this one?

    • says

      Thanks Mark. My husband travels to Stuttgart occasionally and heard about it from a colleague in the area. If you have any other restaurant recommendations, we would love to hear them!

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