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Renee's Garden cilantro seed packet imageA couple years ago I spotted seeds from Renee’s Garden in a local nursery. I was drawn to the herbs, particularly the slow-bolt cilantro, a variety that holds its leaves longer when the heat of summer sets in. As I’ve tried more of their seeds—haricot verts, dwarf cucumbers, Thai Queenette basil—I’ve been very pleased with their performance in the garden. This year I plan to try their Cinderella pumpkins, Easter egg radishes, Super Bush tomatoes, and padron peppers, and probably a few others that have caught my eye.

The seed performance is important, but it’s only part of why we like Renee’s Garden. Owner Renee Shepherd has been a leader in sustainable organic gardening for over 25 years and her company does not sell chemically treated or GMO seeds. Shepherd has contributed to a number of publications and speaks at national and regional garden shows and conferences, and her company donates seeds to educational programs and organizations around the world. They also offer a fundraiser program for schools and non-profits. In 2010 they began offering a new line of seeds, Cornucopia Seeds, which are value-priced packets of the same high quality seeds.


Renee’s Garden has become one of our favorite companies, and we would like to share a little of the Renee’s Garden love with you. We’re offering $25.00 gift certificates from Renee’s Garden to two lucky readers, which will help you purchase seeds to get your garden started. And if you are growing your own food (or farming, hunting, foraging), we hope you will join us for Grow Your Own! To enter the giveaway, please leave a comment below telling us what you want to plant in your garden. Any kind of garden is fine, whether indoor, outdoor, containers, hydroponic, etc.


  1. Renee’s Garden only ships to the 50 United States and Canada. Apologies to my readers in other countries.
  2. You must leave a correct email address in the email field so I can contact you if you win. Please don’t put your email address in the comment field unless you want a bunch of spammers to find you.
  3. You can earn extra entries by sharing this giveaway on Facebook or Twitter. Please leave a comment for each Facebook post or tweet.
  4. The giveaway closes at 8:00 pm EST on Friday April 8, 2011. will select the winners and I will contact both winners immediately. Each winner must respond with 48 hours and provide a mailing address for shipping purposes. If a winner does not respond within that timeframe another winner will be selected.
  5. I will announce the winners in this post once it’s official.

Thanks for reading and have fun planning your gardens!



[DISCLOSURE: This giveaway is not sponsored by Renee’s Garden or affiliated with Renee’s Garden in any way.]

UPDATE: Congratulations to Erika and Natalie (the Sweets Life), winners of the Renee’s Garden gift certificates!

[Disclosure: This blog earns a small commission through affiliate links.]


  1. Jen says

    As in years past, I hope to have plenty of herbs! I love cilantro but never have much luck keeping it around long enough for any sort of substantial yield. I’m also planning to plant tomatoes, green beans, squash, and green onions. All will be planted in containers, since we have very little yard to speak of.

  2. Ginny says

    I am really hoping to have a decent garden this summer. I’d love some lettuces, tomatoes, peppers – stuff that I buy often but would rather grow. Each year something has happened: excessive heat, rabbits, too much rain, strange tomato blight…. Maybe this will be my year!

  3. says

    My garden in under way. I have all of the early stuff in and up. A week from now I will be there planting beans, melons, cukes, and corn. I’m most looking forward to growing pumpkins this year. Well, that and my pea harvest. Can’t wait!

  4. Ashley says

    I definitely plan to have an herb garden on my front porch this year and I plan to have a garden with veggies I can puree and give to my son (carrots, squash, sweet potatos, yum!)

  5. Tricia says

    I love Renee’s seeds. I now have a lettuce variety growing in two pots. My furry family members also appreciate her “cat grass”. Our rain finally stopped so we will be planting our squash this weekend.

  6. Alissa says

    I planted my garden 2 weeks ago and can’t wait for the results! It includes: blackberries, raspberries, roma and goliath tomatoes, red peppers, jalapenos, habeneros, cabbage, strawberries, basil, rosemary, cilantro, mint, and cayennes!

  7. says

    We *just* moved into a new apartment this past weekend, and this one has a great balcony! (At the last apartment we had no outdoor space at all.) I’m so excited to finally get to start my own little garden – I’d definitely like to plant some tomatoes and some Vietnamese herbs (for my boyfriend), maybe even figure out how to grow some citrus… but I’m getting ahead of myself. Definitely starting with some easy herbs, and then expanding from there! 😀

  8. says

    My mom usually sends me a pack of Renee seeds every year — though usually for fun flowers, not veggies.

    I’ve already planted my lettuces and radishes for spring. Hopefully today’s snow won’t have a negative impact.

  9. Marsha A. says

    I like to plant herbs in pots on my deck. In the ground I plant all sorts of veggies. Different types of tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, summer squash and butternut squash, eggplant, broccoli and cauliflower and what ever else strikes my fancy that growing season.

  10. Lynda Clark says

    We are attempting our first vegetable garden this year and have started by planting tomatoes. We are hoping to have a corner herb garden, and plan to plant Swiss chard, cucumbers, red bell peppers and zucchini.

  11. says

    i would love to grow tomatoes and green peppers this year for sure. i’m hoping to figure out how to grow some herbs (basil especially) as well. we’ll see how it all comes together…i don’t think i have a very green thumb!

  12. says

    We have peas and lettuce started and will hope they transfer to the garden tomorrow (the ones we planted in directly didn’t take). We’ll hope to keep the cucumbers from deer this year and have tomatoes, green beans and some herbs, including basil that will perhaps again grow taller than my son! (He’s five)

  13. Rachel says

    Great giveaway! I am planning to grow tomatoes, lettuce, and herbs in containers on our porch. I saw some great container garden packages on Renee’s website!

  14. Delora says

    I’ve been wanting to try growing root vegetables like beets and rutabaga, but haven’t been brave enough to take the plunge. Aftern losing a large tree in the horrible dc ice/snow storm, I have more sun in my yard i can use to expand the garden. So excited!

  15. says

    I love Renee’s Garden – it’s my name also. I even have some of her pretty seed packets framed. We have 4 raised beds and one is full of garlic growing in leaps and bounds. So far I have already planted kale, lettuce, beets and chard in another box. I need to start the warm season seedlings this week. I’d love to win Renee’s stuff as it is hard to find around here.

  16. Renee says

    I am hoping to use more heirloom and non-GMO seeds in my garden this year and this would definitely help! I found Renee’s Garden this winter and bought a packet of ‘Round Romeo’ carrots and a packet of tomato seeds… would love to be able to buy even more :)

  17. Sara says

    I’m and herb and veggie lover and plan to plant, among other things: stevia, basil, medicinal passion flower, flat leaf parsley, turnips, pumpkin, honeydew melon, watermelon, tomatillo; early girl, grape and beefsteak tomatoes, pickling cucumbers, round zucchini, fingerling eggplant; russet and red potatoes, bunching onions, garlic, garlic chives, cold tolerant rosemary, comfrey and kale. I’m missing a few, but that’s what comes to mind. I’ll be installing seedlings into second season straw bales.

  18. says

    We just moved onto an overgrown mini ranch of 5 acres. We plan to eventually grow all our own produce, but this year, we just need to get all the overgrowth under control. But I NEED a little veggie garden this year. :) I’m thinking tomatoes, peppers, and some squash and melons.

  19. says

    Oooh, gardening season is just around the corner! I have seedlings in my basement for tomatoes and peppers- both hot and sweet, as well as some herbs. It’s supposed to get up to 50 today, and I’m hopeful it’s enough to finish off the last of the snow in my backyard so that later this week I can plant some peas.

    Itching to get out there! I’m planning on lots of new greens this year, beans, beets, onions, leeks, maybe a squash or two, and a whole new bed for herbs!

  20. NeCole Scott says

    I love Renee’s–I just planted Renee’s heirloom lemon cucumbers this morning. I’d love to grow more flowers in my garden. Last year, I started Renee’s naturtiums and they were so prolific! I even harvested the seeds and replanted them this spring. I’d love to add more of Renee’s flowers to my beds.

  21. lori says

    I will be planting radishes, carrots, onions, various lettuces, basil, tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, green beans, just to name a few!

  22. jacquie says

    while i have grown herbs before i have never tried starting from seeds and would love the chance to try it.

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