Relocation Complete

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DC vista from Arlington

We’re finally settling in our home in the Northern Virginia/DC Metro area. It’s nice to be back after being gone for almost five years. When I first came to this area in 1999, I lived in Alexandria and during the warm months I biked to work in DC via the George Washington Parkway, a ten mile trip each way. The path winds along the Potomac River going through Old Town Alexandria, past National Airport and Gravelly Point where I would always stop to watch the planes take off, then up to Arlington Cemetery and across the bridge to the Lincoln Memorial. Talk about a great commute! It was a refreshing way to start and end each day.

With three little boys keeping me busy at home now, my days of bicycle commuting to DC are over, but it still feels good to be here…like I’ve come home.

We’re working on getting things set up in the house, and of course the kitchen is a top priority. Adjusting to a new kitchen space is always an interesting challenge. More on that soon…

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  1. says

    Hi Andrea, I read your blog every now and then, but now with you telling you have 3 boys I felt like writing. I also have 3 boys, and I was an e-learning tester until last year. I still work for the same company but my position was sent to another country, so I had to move on… even though I loved working with e-learning. Oh, and also, I used to live in the area!

  2. Beth Lano says

    Hi Andrea, this is Beth – your NEW NEXT DOOR NEIGHBOR!!!

    I happened to be in the model home office today and they mentioned that you had a website so I thought I’d check it out….I’m excited to see that you have so many wonderful recipes to share…I will have to start trying a few…..

    I also noticed that you guys relocated to our street from Hampton Roads…another thing we have in common…my father grew up there and has since retired back there…

    Sounds like we’ve got a lot to chit chat about over the fence!

    Please email me back and let me know how things are going!


  3. Tina Galligan says

    Andrea, I discovered your blog today…I love it! I grew up in Virginia Beach, lived in Northern Virginia (Burke), worked in DC, and now live in Pennsyvlania. It’s good to meet people who been/lived in similar places!

  4. says

    Beth: We’ll definitely have to get the kids together at the park soon!

    Tina: I always enjoy the emails and comments I get from people who’ve lived or traveled in the same places. It really is a small world!

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