Recipe Testing for The Gilded Fork Cookbook

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In the last few weeks I’ve been busy testing recipes for The Gilded Fork Cookbook, the upcoming book from Chef Mark Tafoya and the folks at The Culinary Media Network. After perusing the cookbook contents I sent in a list of about eight different recipes I wanted to test, and believe me it was hard to narrow it down to eight. Mark asked me to tackle the first four on my list, which you see below.

Andrea's Recipes - Milk and Honey Lavender Sorbet

Milk and Honey Lavender Sorbet. I like using lavender in desserts, and this sorbet is delicious. Very refreshing, a perfect after dinner lift.

Andrea's Recipes - Lavender Pound Cake

Lavender Pound Cake with Lemon Glaze, such a delicious combination. You can make these mini size or in a regular 12 cup Bundt pan, but I prefer the minis.

Andrea's Recipes - Steak with Champagne Braised Cippolini Onions and Sage Butter

Steak with Champagne Braised Cippolini Onions and Sage Butter. I could eat those champagne onions every day.

Andrea's Recipes - Caramelized Apple Bread Pudding with Cider Caramel Sauce

Caramelized Apple Bread Pudding. I’m not normally a bread pudding fan, but anything with the words “caramelized apple” in the title is not to be missed in my book, and this did not disappoint. Makes a decadent desert with the cider caramel sauce or a tasty breakfast with maple syrup.

A number of bloggers have been testing recipes for Chef Mark and his team, so be sure to check out the posts about The Gilded Fork Cookbook at The Culinary Media Network and be on the lookout for announcements about the publish date. Thanks to Mark and the rest of the team for the opportunity!

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    One of my favourites. I have an old recipe for a lavender & honey icecream that is more like a frozen fool. Yum. I love the violas. Do you know they are edible, and you can crystalize them by painting them with a little slightly beaten eggwhite and dipping them in caster sugar, thenn drying them.

  2. says

    Violas are one of my favorite flowers and I have some blooming right now, which is how they made it into the photo. I thought about crystalizing them, but then decided I just wanted the colors to look fresh.

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    Wow great post Andrea! How cool that you get to test (and approve 😉 ) a chef’s recipes :) Where did you get those flowers for the Sorbet pic??? They look brilliant!

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    I’d love to see a post about your process for testing recipes. What do you look for and what kind of feedback do you give the cookbook author? I’d be really interested in your thoughts on that.

    Casual Kitchen

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