Panera Takeout to the Rescue

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Andrea Meyers - Panera Steak and Blue Cheese Salad, Vegetarian Creamy Tomato Soup, baguette

Sometimes takeout saves the day. It might be the day when you had to work late, or the kids are home sick, or a major appliance breaks, or the HVAC system dies, or the power goes out; the day when everyone is hungry and cooking at home may not even be an option. Sometimes takeout is a sanity saver.

Panera saved my sanity the day we had two of the boys home sick, grandparents on the way for a visit, and Mommy teetering on the edge with the same illness as the boys while still trying to make dinner and dessert and get the house somewhat in order. Takeout was the only way to get through the afternoon. The steak and blue cheese salad gave me a little pep, the vegetarian creamy tomato soup went down nicely on a sore throat, and the baguette soaked up the flavors of the soup. The boys got some candy cookies to savor later for dessert if they cooperated the rest of the day, and a loaf of cinnamon raisin bread came home with us for breakfast the next day.

The boys earned their cookies that day and the aroma of the toasted cinnamon raisin bread at breakfast got our day off to a good start. I think when we’re all feeling better some cinnamon raisin bread might go into a bread pudding for a weekend breakfast.

Sometimes takeout saves the day, and sometimes you just want it.

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