Oikos Organic Greek Yogurt and a Giveaway

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Stonyfield Farm Oikos Organic Greek Yogurt

I’ve been a fan of Stonyfield Farm for years, ever since I first tried their Fat Free Vanilla yogurt, so when I wanted to try Greek yogurt I automatically turned to my favorite brand.

The difference between Greek yogurt and regular yogurt is in the amount of liquid, or whey, that remains after the yogurt sets. Greek yogurt is strained to remove most of the whey, creating a thick condensed yogurt. The straining process increases the protein and reduces the lactose, making the final product very healthy and delicious.

My favorite way to enjoy Greek yogurt is drizzled with honey and topped with my homemade granola, but I also like it for other things. If you have a recipe that requires a yogurt that isn’t watery, this is what you should look for. It’s one of the primary ingredients in tzatziki, the popular Greek condiment that tastes as good on a hamburger or lamb burger as it does on gyros.

Andrea's Recipes - Greek Burger

To give you a chance to try Oikos Organic Greek Yogurt, Stonyfield Farm is offering one nifty gift package for my readers, which includes the following:

  • Four coupons for free Oikos 5.3 ounce size,
  • Two coupons for free Oikos 16 ounce size,
  • $4 worth of coupons for other Stonyfield Farm products, and
  • A handy Stonyfield Farm reusable shopping bag.

To enter the giveaway, just leave a comment below telling us about your favorite way to enjoy Greek yogurt. If you’ve never tasted Greek yogurt, that’s ok, just say so and tell us about your favorite kind of yogurt. Please make sure your email address is correct in the email field so I can contact you if you are the lucky winner. (Please don’t put your email address in the comment field unless you want a bunch of spammers to find you.) One entry per person, please.

Apologies to my international readers, but the prize can only be shipped within the continental U.S. The contest closes at 9 P.M. EST on Thursday May 14, and Random.org will select the winner. Look for the announcement of the winner in this post soon after.

UPDATE: We have a winner! Janel, comment #7, a Stonyfield Farm coupon and shopping bag package is on its way to you. Thanks to everyone who entered!

[This contest is sponsored by Stonyfield Farm. I did not receive any form of payment, including free products or coupons, for hosting this giveaway.]

[Disclosure: This blog earns a small commission through affiliate links.]


  1. says

    my hubby has been eating this greek yogurt, he has been packing a lunch for work and this MUST be in his bag, i don’t eat yogurt but he loves it. sign us up

  2. De in D.C. says

    I’ve been using Stonyfield’s greek yogurt when making indian curries. Regular yogurt has a tendency to “break” when heated on high for too long, but the greek yogurt, due to the thicker consistancy, remains smooth in the pot.

  3. says

    I have been taking the single servings of another brand of Greek yogurt to work. I like unflavored (plain, I guess). I add chopped fruit to it or sometimes I just like to eat it plain. I like it because it seems like it has more of a “bite” to it than regular yogurt but I don’t know if that’s true! :)

  4. Janel says

    Yum, love greek yogurt! Haven’t tried the Stoneyfield brand of it yet though. My favorite way is with some granola from Trader Joes and agave nectar. Yum! I think i will have some now!

  5. says

    I love baking with Stonyfield Greek yogurt. It keeps my banana bread moist and tasty but still lowfat. I also substitute Greek yogurt for mayo on sandwiches. Just blend a couple chipotles in adobo into a cup of yogurt for a great dip or spread:)

  6. says

    I am already a huge fan of Oikos! Our Whole Foods is commonly out of the honey and blueberry varieties since they are so popular but I find that I enjoy eating the tartness of the plain variety. Sometimes we drizzle it with honey or I use it to make a mediterranean dip with cucumber and scallions. My kids love it any way it is served! Thanks for an awesome giveaway!

  7. says

    I love Oikos Greek yoghurt. Had it at the Fancy Food Show, and I’ve included it in lots of sandwiches, sauces and dips. Maybe I should try using it in my chocolate cakes?

  8. says

    We use this for everything! In place of sour cream, mixed with jelly, mixed with cucumbers or just on top of curry. I love Greek yogurt!

  9. Debbie says

    Haven’t tried Greek yogurt at home but I do love to eat at Greek restaurants so I’m sure it’s been an ingredient in their sauces. Thanks for the giveaway!

  10. Kelly says

    I love greek yogurt with a teensy bit of honey and some chopped strawberries. That’s my breakfast most days. :-)

  11. Jared C. Wix says

    What could be better than Oikos w/ honey on the bottom, mixed in with some cranberry pecan granola? Makes you wanna slap somebody.

  12. says

    I haven’t tried Greek yogurt, but after reading your post, I’m anxious to try it. I like to buy Stonyfield’s Probiotic yogurt for eating it straight from the container. But, I’m lactose-intolerant and would love to try Oikos for replacing sour cream in recipes! Thanks.

  13. says

    I have never tried Greek yogurt but from your description it sounds perfect for me! I hate how watery some yogurts can be!! And I have seen many recipes with it so I guess I need to try it! Thanks!

  14. says

    I haven’t yet tried Greek yogurt, but I love Stonyfield Farm organic fat free blueberry yogurt. I had a hard time eating yogurt before trying Stonyfield-now I love it!

  15. Trayce says

    I first tried Greek yogurt a few weeks ago and fell in love with it . . . just brought home some Oikos blueberry from the store today. I also like it plain, mixed with fresh fruit. I’m looking forward to trying a lot of different recipes. The Greek yogurt tastes much better than the other and is easier on my digestive system, which leans toward lactose intolerant. A great addition to my diet!

  16. paulette mathews says

    I recently discovered Greek yogurt and have found countless ways to incorporate it into a new and healthy way of eating. My favorite way is to use it in making guacamole. Take an avocado, green onions, garlic, tomatoes, cilantro and nonfat Greek yogurt, mix together and season with salt and pepper.

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