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After six months of preparation, we rolled out a new site design this weekend. With this new look and feel we hope that you’ll find the site easier to use and easier on the eyes. There may be a few glitches here and there, and of course we’ll track those down over the next few days, but if you happen to run into anything that’s not working right, please do let us know here in the comments for this post. There’s also work afoot at my photography site,, and we hope to complete those changes in a few days.

One feature that I’m very excited about is the new Print Friendly button. You can find it at the top of each post and page, a small printer with a little green piece of paper in it, and it allows you to completely customize what you print. Just click the button and a screen will pop up that gives you full control.

Check the Remove Images box to remove all images in the screen. Then hover the pointer over any text areas that you don’t want to print. The text will highlight yellow and red text will instruct you to click to delete it. You can also change the font size and choose to print, make a PDF, or email the recipe.

I hope you find the new printing feature useful! And as always, thanks for visiting and sharing our adventures in our kitchen and garden.

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      Thanks Susan! I can’t remember how I found Print Friendly, probably on another blog, but I’m so glad I did. It does the job very well.

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    Isn’t PrintFriendly wonderful? People need to know that PrintFriendly has a button that can be put in their browsers so that any web site can be printed, and only the parts of the web site wanted can be printed. I am totally in love with them. Can’t wait to try the Cherry and Peach Butter. I will make some cherry the next time we are gifted with some free ones. Everything is late here this year so peaches are just coming on. Need to find that cherry pitter. Mine is relic from the past. Love your nice, clean look.

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