Lunch Date at Panera Bread

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Andrea Meyers - Panera Bread, counter

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Most of the time when I go to Panera, I’m alone with my laptop editing photos or writing with a Pick 2 on the table. I usually need a few minutes to select the perfect combo for the day, and I tend to go with whatever the weather dictates; soup and salad for chilly days, or sandwich and salad for warm days. My favorite cold weather salad is the Fuji apple, which I’ll usually pair with broccoli cheddar, French onion, or black bean soup. When I went last week it was so cold and windy outside all I wanted was a big bowl of hot broccoli cheddar soup with potato chips crunched on top; nothing chilled for me, thank you.

Andrea Meyers - Panera Bread, bbq chicken salad and steak chili

Today Michael and I had a lunch date, the first in a very long time for us. We arrived early to make sure we got a table before the lunch rush began, and in keeping with our tradition we decided to order different things and then share them. We stood off to the side for a while, debating the merits of various combinations before finally settling on a small bowl of steak chili with cornbread chunks on top and a bbq chicken salad. As we enjoyed our lunch, our conversation bounced around from work to the kids, to our basement reorganization project, and finally to spring gardening plans. We actually had time to talk about the mundane, day to day stuff and complete our conversation and our meal.

I think this lunch date thing needs to be on the calendar more often.

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    I love Panera’s and you can find me at one of their tables in the summer, laptop open and writing great thoughts!… But, especially, enjoying their luscious sandwich combinations. I try to give them all a chance and will order one at least once… thanks for sharing… come visit when you can…


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