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Life is many things—crazy, hectic, beautiful, enlightening, and sometimes hard—but never ever boring. I have too many interests and things to do on my bucket list to slow down. Having a family was always at the top, becoming a teacher was high on the list, and having a big garden was added fourteen years ago. As I’ve learned more about food, both how to grow and cook it, I’ve found myself wanting to combine my teaching experience with two of my biggest interests.

One funny thing about living a full life is it often becomes a challenge to keep all the balls in the air and still make room for more of those dreams you really want to add. Yes, I’d love to teach cooking, gardening, and help build community gardens someday, but it’s hard to fit it in right now because taking on new projects means having to give up something else to do it. So those items on the bucket list stay there, waiting for their time in the sun.

Well, the folks at The Laughing Cow surprised me with the opportunity to experience one of my dreams, to work with children and parents in the community and teach them about growing food and starting their own gardens. As part of their Life Well Laughed Project, they sent host Jill Simonian and a film crew to our home last month for an interview, only the second half wasn’t really an interview. They had a surprise planned.

The time at the school was so much fun, I loved how the children really got into the session and enjoyed themselves. We tasted the herbs and the children expressed their opinions of each one, and of course there were a few “yucks” and “blechs” but most of the children tried all of the herbs. Then they planted some seeds they could grow back at home. We had fun playing in the dirt together, and the whole experience reaffirmed my desire to do more things like this.

The Laughing Cow believes a healthy lifestyle should be fun, and that’s why they support organizations which share that goal. This year they want to donate a substantial amount of money, up to $500,000, for health and wellness program at YMCA, and you can help them do that. For each UPC code entered from packages of Laughing Cow Wedges and Mini Babybel Cheese, The Laughing Cow will donate $1, just visit the Life Well Laughed website to enter the code. And make sure you check out all of the videos for The Life Well Laughed Project (click More from The Laughing Cow, then Webisodes).

And finally, I have to give huge thanks to The Laughing Cow, Deca, Jill, Christianna, Marissa, Katherine, Chun, Mike, Brian, Sheba, and Matt for making the day so memorable.

[Disclosure: I am a contributor to Deca TV and received compensation for this interview.]

[Disclosure: This blog earns a small commission through affiliate links.]


  1. D WIlson says

    You are a natural on screen. It was obvious everybody was having fun learning about growing their own – this logical extension of your GYO project is bearing such wonderful fruit! (sorry for the punny stuff – can’t seem to help myself) Hope to see more Andrea TV soon.

  2. says

    Andrea, I am so behind on my reading, and just got a chance to see what you are up too! This video brings happy tears; what a wonderful venue, and even more so, what a wonderful thing you did! I love teaching MEM about gardening, and cooking. We only have a small space for gardening but always are planting some basics, and they get so excited when everything starts to grow! Thanks for sharing this video. It is wonderful!

    • says

      Thank you so much! I had a wonderful time working with the kids and seeing their interest in the things we tasted and planted. :-)

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