In Memory of Sher

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Last Sunday, Sher of What Did You Eat? passed away suddenly, and the food blogging world lost a good friend. I never met her in person, but I will always remember how kind she was and how she made me feel welcome in The Daring Bakers and the times I joined in as a Bread Baking Babes buddy. In her honor, the Bread Baking Babes and Weekend Herb Blogging have suspended their regular activities and invited the participants to make one of Sher’s recipes and post about it. Because I “met” her through baking, I felt it only proper to bake as a simple memorial to her.

Sher posted about a beautiful spinach and feta cheese bread she made last summer, and I decided to make that. I used part spinach and part fresh parsley from my garden, and it tasted delicious.

My heart goes out to Sher’s family and friends, and I know you will always have happy thoughts when you think of her.

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    I am so touched by all the recipes paying tribute to Sher. I think she would be happy to know that so many people are remembering her.

  2. says

    Lovely tribute Andrea!. I’m sure she would have appreciated that you used herbs, too. Although I didn’t ‘know’ her well, she was a great blogger and obviously touched many lives.

  3. says

    Andrea–lovely tribute! Thank you so much. Sher loved that bread. Sher loved ANY bread. :-) You picked a great one and wrote a lovely tribute.

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