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Andrea Meyers - Dining roomI promise I did not plan this. CafeMom approached me about an interview early in August and then right about the time that article was supposed to be released, my friend Jill Asher asked me about doing an interview for Houzz.com to kick off a series they are doing on food bloggers’ kitchens.

I must say after my first visit to the site I was sucked in. It’s a home design site where you can save photos of rooms, landscapes, and home design ideas. Anyone can use it and you can upload your own photos, plus the site has almost 4,000 professional designers and architects who upload photos of their work for you to browse. Photos are grouped by design style, living space, and metro region, and you can add design element keywords. You can even tag individual items in photos and add a URL, brand name, or other descriptive information. You can create ideabooks, which allow you to group ideas for a room, backyard, color schemes, anything you can think of. If you used to keep a scrapbook with pictures of designs you liked, now you can do it online and share your ideabooks.

This interview focused on the design of the house, so there’s photos of the dining room and living room as well as the kitchen. I hope you enjoy it! Also, Houzz.com is offering a giveaway with the interview, three copies of the Weight Watchers Momentum Cookbook, so enter for a chance to win.

Houzz.com – Interview with Food Blogger Andrea Meyers

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  1. Judy Garczek says

    What a glorious home you and your husband have. Looks like something out of a magazine. Your kitchen is to die for. My kitchen is a little place and I have often thought of a remodel, but now I am to the point in my life where how many years do I have left to enjoy a remodel and the cost would be a fortune. But, I do think your kitchen is one that most would envy. I read your blog every time it comes into my box and get inspiration to cook something a little different. Do enjoy it so. Have a great day. Judy

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